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"Molino del Corcho"

Another essential path in the water, shade and lush wildlife monopolize the limelight. The trail begins in the sign installed in the recreation area of Margarita Island, in the Huesna Rivera (San Nicolas Highway Cazalla) but also can be started from the railway station Constantine Cazalla-line from a road that comes very close to the crossing.

In any case, we'll start marching down the river bank, no doubt delighted by one of the most valuable ecological areas of the reserve.

A magnificent gallery forest trees impresses the passerby with alders, willows, ash, black cottonwood and shrubs typical of very wet areas. The fauna is of great value, with great variety of birds and mammals such as otters habitat. However, the impact of short-conscious visitors to the environment does not facilitate the conservation of these species.

Along the way you can also relax in the recreational area of Mill Cork - before, on the other side, start the way back just as easy, pleasant and well signposted.

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