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"Los Castañares"

From the end of the street Venero, take a dirt road with a slight upward slope called "Camino de Las Erillas" which runs sandwiched between slabs of ancient stone walls with abundant and varied vegetation, which in places form a dome on the road. Oak, hackberry, oaks, cherry, elm, little hard, ivy, blackthorn, hazel, and terebinth madroñeras, including many species constitute our step.

Among ancient orchards and wineries, little by little we are interning in the chestnuts. These progressively imprison the way to go to the top of the hill. At the top and now among old olive trees, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama. From here we continue to return to Constantine, by the way of the "three slides," leaving on our right the "Almond Hill" with remnants of stone walls that we denote a primitive settlement of people in this place. As the end of our journey, we reached the viewpoint of the Castle of Constantine, where we see a great view of our location, based on the Bear Valley.

With a distance of 7 miles, this trail presents no difficulty. It can be done on foot or mountain bike.

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