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"Camino La Jurdana"

It starts on the western slope of the Park "El Castillo" running along its path between stone walls locked, which limits the way to the farms to which they have access. It is a widely used route in the past both by residents and by nomads.

The generic name of "La Jurdana" is taken from the estate of the same name, which houses an ancient spring whose spring force table overflows in rainy periods, popularly served to calibrate the water potential of the municipality.

In his discourse will be observed very different views, allowing us to approach a flora composed of rock rose, "matagallos", sarsaparilla, wild pear, the same as a small gallery forest of poplars, and thermophilic plants (agaves) and so on. The limestone formations are common in this area are exposed to the sight of the visitor constantly along the way.

Included among the holdings are in the path of the so-called "Huerta de la Teja". whose facilities are rich in ethnographic content by agricultural processing techniques in the past housed.

Chasm Cave and the proximity of the ruins of the Chapel of the Ivy, are elements of a singularity whose stones tell of local history and contain beautiful legends of popular taste. In the same neighborhood as the Moorish invited to stop the way to wander through the maze of streets. The characteristics of the course allows you to do both on foot and on horseback or mountain bike.

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