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Huéznar Cascades

The Huéznar Cascades is a small area of Ribera del Huéznar river where there is a series of small waterfalls and pools surrounded by lush vegetation, located about 2 km downstream of San Nicolás del Puerto.

The waterfalls are an example of travertine River, where waters rich in calcium carbonate are producing ore deposits lining the walls and bottom of the waterfall, creating forms and shades of rock slides. This regrowth compensates to some extent the erosive action of the cascade, may even cause your progress and increase in height. Water from the Ribera del Huéznar is rich in calcium carbonate comes mainly because of the karst aquifer of Guadalcanal - San Nicolás del Puerto, where it dissolves largely limestone that form.

The area is populated by dense gallery forest of elm, ash, willow and alder.

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