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Iron Mountain

The Iron Mountain is a town and a hill and natural monument located in the northern province of Seville, to 786 meters above sea level and about 5 miles south of San Nicolás del Puerto on the road to Constantine and within the Natural park Sierra Norte de Sevilla.

It is a karst area, limestone-rich iron ore, which was exploited as a quarry since before the Romans until the mid-twentieth century, now declared a natural monument by geological and landscape value and which is practiced hiking and climbing. The former mining town remains dependent village with few inhabitants of San Nicolás del Puerto. A path of railway linking the town of Iron Mountain with the port of Seville where the ore was shipped. With iron extracted from this mine were forged bars that limit the facades of the Royal Tobacco Factory (University) or the structure of Isabel II Bridge (Puente de Triana) on Guadalquivir. The Huéznar Cascades es una pequeña zona del río Rivera del Huéznar en la que hay una serie de pequeñas cascadas y pozas rodeadas de abundante vegetación, situadas a unos 2 km aguas abajo de San Nicolás del Puerto. La zona está poblada por un espeso bosque de galería de olmos, fresnos, sauces y alisos.

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